Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Updated Time for Craft Wars

It's Tuesday!

And that means time to grab a cold drink, your GlueArts Glue Gun, a bowl of popcorn (our family pick!) and check out another episode of Craft Wars!

A bit of good news too...Craft Wars is now on at 8pm EST/ 7 pm CST!

So no more having to stay up late and wake up tired because you don't want to miss out!

Now you can watch it a bit earlier!

And please do watch. We realize not all the crafts may be ones on your upcoming crafting list. We know that you "might not" be making a playhouse anytime soon. But the the key is that we are finally getting to watch a craft show that is all about us!  Crafters!

And we're still watching to see when our GlueArts Glue Glider PRO+ is used! So for some fun this week we're giving away our GlueArts Glue Gun and a refill pack of Glue Sticks. How to win? Simply watch the show and tell us the winning project? And if you want a bonus entry tell us one supply from the craft closet that was used during the show! Then we'll pick one random winner and announce their name here next Tuesday. It's just that easy. Watch and win.... 

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