Friday, August 17, 2012

The Need to Know on the GlueGlider PRO

Recently, you may have noticed our GlueGlider PRO cartridges come in a variety of colors. So you ask, what is the difference? Glide-ability!

Our new purple PRO+ cartridge refill has been engineered with an enhanced glide-ability mechanism, allowing for a quicker and easier adhesive experience. Don't let this cosmetic change discourage you, all colors of the GlueGlider PRO cartridge refills are designed to fit the same original gun handle.

You can find the new purple PRO+ cartridge at select retail locations as well as Although we no longer manufacture the original pink PRO cartridge, you can still purchase the pink and green cartridge refills at most local retail locations. Click to view a list of some of our online and storefront retailers.

Comment below if you would like more information on this week's PRO topic.

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